China and the World, Volume 1

Editor:David Gosset

Publisher:il Mulino

Having to interpret the continuation of the severe turbulence in the Sino-US relationship, some keep referring to a new form of Cold War, as if this paradigm were applicable in describing today’s international situation; our publication prepares for a future in which new forms of collaboration between China and the world will have to be invented. This explains the subtitle of China and the World: The Long March towards a community of shared future for mankind. We are well aware that the road will be long, tortuous, and not without its setbacks. However, the ideal of a better model of global governance, one that better serves the world’s 7.8 billion human beings, must guide the general movement. We trust that anyone interested in political science, global economics, international finance, environmental issues, the evolution of multilateralism, international relations, and strategic and security issues, can find this collection of essays, or at least parts of it, stimulating and inspiring.



David Gosset speaks about the book, China and the World volume 1

Dec 14, 2023