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CHINA TALK|China's Renaissance in the 21st Century

David Gosset on China's Renaissance and Its Global Significance


Media Releases

China-France Relations: French sinologist shares his efforts in boosting exchanges

CGTN Interview with David Gosset, Founder of the C.E.A. Global Initiative


Media Releases

C.E.A. Think Tank Cooperation Forum 2023 successfully concludes

Phoenix TV Coverage on the C.E.A. Think Tank Cooperation Forum · Europe Dialogues 2023


Museums Cooperation 2023

“Museums fulfill all requirements to act as catalysts in the effort to establish a global dialogue, understanding and peaceful coexistence and cooperation.”

Remarks by Lina Mendoni, Greek Minister of Culture and Sports


Museums Cooperation 2023

“Museums are cutting-edge laboratories of our shared humanity.”

Remarks by Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO (2009-2017)


Youth Program 2023

Museums: Bridge of Dialogue among Civilizations from the Youth Perspective

Speech by Champion Dingyi Hu

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High-end Dialogue

A Time of Resilience
A Time of Collaboration
China Opportunities
China and the World


High-end Dialogue

Africa, Multilateralism, and a New Global System

Dialogue with Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President of the New Development Bank


High-end Dialogue

On the Post-COVID-19 World Order

Dialogue with Kishore Mahbubani, Former Singapore's Permanent Representative to the UN


High-end Dialogue

Resilience in the Hospitality Industry

Dialogue with Bernardo Cabot, Senior Vice President of Melia Hotels International in Asia Pacific


High-end Dialogue

The Pandemic Should Accelerate the Development of Smart Cities along the Belt and Road

Dialogue with Frederick du Plessis, Global Business Leader and International Strategist


High-end Dialogue

Bridging the Knowledge Gap between China and the West

Dialogue with Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Leading European Economist


High-end Dialogue

China, France and Europe as Key Pillars of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind

Dialogue with Bertrand Régnier, EY Partner


High-end Dialogue

China: Dynamism, Economic Potential and Partnership

Dialogue with Bernard Dewit, Chairman of Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce


High-end Dialogue

Empathy as a Condition for Mutual Understanding and Collaboration

Dialogue with David Aikman, Chief Representative Officer, Greater China, Managing Director, World Economic Forum


High-end Dialogue

Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and China in a Multipolar World

Dialogue with Abdulaziz M. Alfakhri, Senior Executive of SABIC


High-end Dialogue

Europe and China must find some basic progress of common interest

Dialogue with Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy, and former President of the European Commission