China-Europe-America Global Initiative

Fostering understanding and synergies between China, Europe and America in a global perspective


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Media Releases

CHINA TALK|China's Renaissance in the 21st Century

David Gosset on China's Renaissance and Its Global Significance


Media Releases

China-France Relations: French sinologist shares his efforts in boosting exchanges

CGTN Interview with David Gosset, Founder of the C.E.A. Global Initiative


Media Releases

C.E.A. Think Tank Cooperation Forum 2023 successfully concludes

Phoenix TV Coverage on the C.E.A. Think Tank Cooperation Forum · Europe Dialogues 2023

About Us

At the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, we believe in the necessity to intensify dialogue between civilizations. Motivated by this conviction, we facilitate exchanges among stakeholders from China, Europe, and America, recognizing their synergies as a catalyst for global progress.

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