Event Recap

C.E.A. Museums Cooperation Initiative 4th Dialogue Held at Tianjin Museum

May 24, 2024

Event Highlights



The China-Europe-America Museums Cooperation Initiative is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its fourth dialogue, held at the Tianjin Museum on May 22-23, 2024. This international gathering brought together over 40 esteemed speakers from 10 countries to explore and discuss the pivotal role of museums in nurturing creativity.



Speakers at Opening Ceremony



Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, sharing insights and perspectives on the transformative power of creativity in the global context. The dialogue served as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration among diverse cultural backgrounds.



Speakers at Session One



Speakers at Session Two



Speakers at Session Three



Speakers at Session Four



In his opening address, David Gosset, founder of the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, emphasized the importance of fostering dialogue and finding common ground in an increasingly interconnected world. Reflecting on the mission of the initiative, Gosset stated, "It is essential to convene, share ideas, and find common ground. Recognizing this necessity, we established the China-Europe-America Global Initiative in 2021, acknowledging the risks of decoupling. Only by constructing bridges can we cultivate trust, enabling humanity to become more conscious of itself and its collective destiny."





Gosset further underscored the significance of this year's focus on creativity, highlighting its role as a catalyst for unity and progress. "Creativity, to me, is a force of construction amidst the chaos. While destruction may come easily, and by itself, the act of creation requires resilience and vision," he remarked. "Whether it's the crafting of beauty, the innovation in science and technology, or the transformation of societal norms, creators share a common goal: to defy the passage of time."



Speakers at Closing Ceremony



Throughout the dialogue, participants explored various dimensions of creativity, ranging from its expression in art and culture to its application in scientific and technological innovation. The exchange of ideas and experiences served to deepen mutual appreciation and inspire new avenues for collaboration across borders.